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18VA low-profile encapsulated transformers.

Encapsulated transformers

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Series-parallel connection of the encapsulated transformers UI39
Low-profile encapsulated transformers UI39 18VA
Dimensions (mm)
Aprox. Weight: 0,400 Kg
2x115V (230V)
Article Output Sec.Fuse Alt.(H)
806018 2x6V 2x1,500A 2x1,60A 27
809018 2x9V 2x1,000A 2x1,00A 27
812018 2x12V 2x0,750A 2x800mA 27
815018 2x15V 2x0,600A 2x630mA 27
818018 2x18V 2x0,500A 2x500mA 27
824018 2x24V 2x0,375A 2x400mA 27

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