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15V, 16V, 18V, 24V transformers.

Open frame transformers

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DC rectification connection for transformers

15V / 16V

Article Type Vdc (V) Idc (A) Vac (V) Iac (A) Fig.
E1404 15+15V 0,35A150,35270,28B
B1505 15V 0,5A150,513,50,8A
E1407 15+15V 0,5A150,5270,4B
B1410 15V 1A15113,51,6A
E1411 15+15V 1A151270,8B
12H13 15V 2A171,25152A
E1421 15+15V 2A152261,6B
A358 15V 3A171,9153A
E1431 15+15V 3A153272,4B
B1616 16V 2A16214,43,2A


Article Type Vdc (V) Idc (A) Vac (V) Iac (A) Fig.
B1805 18V 0,5A180,5160,8A
E1806 18+18V 0,5A180,531,50,4B
C810 18V 1A18115,51,6A
C811 18+18V 1A181320,8B
C820 18V 2A182163,2A
C821 18+18V 2A182301,6B
C830 18V 3A18316,44,8A
C831 18+18V 3A183322,4B


Article Type Vdc (V) Idc (A) Vac (V) Iac (A) Fig.
C403 24V 0,3A240,3200,48A
C404 24+24V 0,3A240,3420,24B
C405 24V 0,5A240,5200,8A
C406 24+24V 0,5A240,5410,4B
C410 24V 1A241201,6A
C411 24+24V 1A241410,8B
C415 24V 1,5A241,5202,4A
C420 24V 2A242213,2A
C421 24+24V 2A242411,6B
C430 24V 3A243204,8A
C431 24+24V 3A243412,4B
E2441 24+24V 4A244413,2B
B2460 24V 6A246209,6A

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